Newell’s Old Boys introduced Accion Point as a technology sponsor

The technology company will work together with the club until the end of 2020 as a new sponsor.

The agreement will allow the institution to develop new digital technologies applied to different areas of the structure.

The main objectives include optimizing the relationship with the partner and fans, improving communications, digitizing strategic areas for growth, managing and controlling information, among many other aspects.

Immediately, the alliance with Accion Point will allow Newell’s to update his website and develop digital onboarding to be able to incorporate new online partners using smartphones, among other services.

The work plan also includes the automation of resources in the member service area, administrative procedures, entrance controls to the club, and during matches, commercial management of the store, etc.

The new technology partner comes to the club as a sponsor with the rights and benefits that this entails, including different forms of advertising on physical and digital media, both in the stadium and in other sectors, participation in events and communications.

Also, to offer excellent tools for the entire club, Accion Point is the first company to implement the latest advanced digital technologies in a field where soccer clubs have not ventured professionally. The club was the first team of the Argentine Soccer Association to have a technological partner.

Franco Schillagi, CEO of Accion Point, said that “This agreement signifies a milestone in the company in two significant ways. One is related to the possibility of developing based on our experience and potential for the club. The second one is setting and leveraging our brand connected with the trajectory of Newell’s Old Boys. That makes us proud and inspired about the future of the company.”

“As a ‘Rosarino’ crib, I know the influence of the Club, which generates a great challenge and commitment,” he continued.”

The agreement is valid until December 2020 with the possibility of being extended in case both parties consider it successful and allow them to grow in this together.

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