A cryptocurrency solution for mobile banking, financial services and digital wallet apps

Crypto Solution allows banks, companies, financial institutions and organizations to offer their own customers the possibility to buy, sell, receive, send and store cryptocurrency using their own apps, in compliance with all regulatory, technical, operational and safety standards.

Crypto Solution is a backend level solution

Companies, banks or organizations can be part of the world of cryptocurrencies, keeping their own apps as the sole point of contact with their clients.

Crypto Solution ensures data privacy and customer experience control.

Competitive differentiator for your mobile banking or Service app

As being part of Crypto Solution, you could offer a broad range of cryptocurrencies to your clients, creating a strong revenue stream for your business as well as solid profit margins for specific markets.

Why Crypto Solution?

Create value for your customers

Be part of Crypto Solution and let your customers buy, sell, send, receive and store cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are the perfect combination for your mobile banking or digital wallet app.

Stand out from your competitors

Crypto Solution offers benefits to all. You will have more customers, a better product and more income. Be the one bringing the future to your customers.

Capture more customers

Give new digital generations what they are looking for: cryptocurrencies as a simple and safe experience. Offering Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and many others is increasingly becoming a need for mobile banking and digital wallet apps.

Generate more income

Add a new source of income collecting fees any time your customers buy or sell cryptocurrencies using their digital wallet or mobile banking app.

Open up your possibilities to future

Crypto Solution allows banks and digital wallets to offer their own customers the possibility to buy, sell, receive, send and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and many other cryptocurrencies using their own mobile banking apps.

This is Crypto Solution

Developed by a team with vast experience in blockchain, custody and financial services, payment network and cryptocurrency exchange market.

We believe in cryptocurrencies

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