Low-Code platform for agile business solutions development

We work hand-in-hand with companies in their process of Digital Transformation, helping to create and develop automated applications since self-generating codes.

+20 years

+20 years

Of experience
as GeneXus specialists

Diamond Partner

Diamond Partner

We are the second company with the highest number of personnel certified in the tool

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Worldwide Reputation Technology Partners

+400 customers

+400 customers

The world’s second largest company in terms of highly trained staff in this tool

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Why a Low-Code Platform?



Power makes results greater and time shorter



To bring together and enhance business solutions



Platform & architecture

Why GeneXus?

GeneXus low-code platform allows solution development from users’ point of view, as they are the ones who know how things should and should not work.

As GeneXus is completely automatic and independent, it makes apps maintenance quite simple.

Low-code platform relies on powerful & high level languages for defining Processes, Work Panels and Web Objects. In these languages, process descriptions are created without reference to any involved files, as they are deduced automatically while they are generated.


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Years enabling
The digital transformation

Friendly and Versatile

GeneXus low-code platform is focused on user’s experience. Knowledge is captured and standardized while keeping database structure and program applications intact automatically.

Technology Safeguard

GeneXus means technological assurance when facing ongoing cutting-edge challenges.

Besides, business knowledge gained from developed apps is stored on GeneXus Knowledge Database and not in final code as in any other traditional languages.

Apps are shaped independently from technology decreasing investment on reconversion dramatically and favoring future apps.


Low-Code GeneXus platform keeps and checks 100% business program applications automatically (commercial, administrative, financial, industrial, etc.) offering simple and powerful report and Data Warehousing solutions.

We are GeneXus Suite Master distributors

We are GeneXus Suite Master distributors specialized in marketing, customer support, training and maintenance of the main Low-Code tool in the market for over 20 years.

We are GeneXus Partner Diamond around the world with more than 400 customers, being the company with the highest number of qualified professionals in this tool.

  • Reengineering Assessment
  • Ad-hoc Solution Development
  • Consulting and Training Services
  • Staff Augmentation

Successful Integrations

It develops integrated and easy-maintenance apps in the main external systems (ESRI, JD Edwards, ORACLE, SAP, etc.) and Legacy systems (Cobol, Visual FoxPro, Progress, RPG, 4GL); allowing to create new functionalities, expand its systems, and have access to its data from different platforms.

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