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Bantotal is the leading solution in Latin America that deals with the critical mission operating procedures of financial institutions in a simple, complete and accurate way.


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Why Choose Bantotal?

Proven solution

Proven solution

In more than 60 financial institutions in 14 countries.




Both at functional and technology levels (multi-platform).



It ensures scalability in light of market growth.

What Sets Bantotal Apart?

Bantotal is a customer-centric banking platform. This implies setting a starting point in their expectations and then identifying the necessary elements to meet them in a profitable way.

Comprehensive processing of all the activities of a financial institution, reducing the number of interfaces and reducing the quantity of providers to manage.

Only one datum and multiple visions, avoiding the need to balance product inventory and accounting.

By having information available online and in real time, including accounting.

Insurance in case of regulatory changes, supporting the regulations required by the different regulatory agencies.

Expediting the “Time-to-market” by means of a highly parametrizable solution.

Decrease of operating costs, automating a very high percentage of the operating requirements of financial institutions in a comprehensive way, eliminating integration control costs.

At Accion Point We Are Exclusive Bantotal Representatives

We are absolute leaders in the implementation of core banking in the region, getting to be recognized and introduced in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as one of the best implementers in the world.

Why do the Main Financial Companies Choose Us?

  • We analyze the impact of the changes requested for requirements.
  • We identify needs, requirements, restrictions and characteristics typical of the problem domain.
  • We document, analyze, model, classify, manage and maintain requirements.
  • We identify the sources of requirements.
  • We validate the requirements modeled with customers, users and team members.
  • We make technical revisions in the Software Requirements Specification and other products.
  • • We supervise the programming and tests of the program.

Digital Channels

Bantotal Digital Channels is a new 360° vision of customer service through a banking software that revolutionizes the way people interact with the bank.

Why Digital Channels?

  • Differentiation. It makes it possible to provide customers with a single customized platform for the access and management of products or services within an environment managed by the banking institution.
  • Practicality. Financial processes and transactions can be carried out just with internet connection, using any device.
  • Availability. Your business can be available for customers 24/7, allowing scalability in the sale of products and services.
  • Integration. The different management and back-up systems of your financial institution can be integrated to back-up your digital channels platform and give robustness and security to your products and services.

Digital Banking

Digitalization makes the relationship with customers more agile and simple, rendering the customer experience more pleasant.

Technology innovations have had an impact on all aspects of life, and as a result, customers can choose how to conduct everyday operations through different digital channels, reaching the transparency required by any type of banking transaction.

Mobile Banking

Bantotal Mobile Banking is the banking software that reduces operating costs in bank offices by means of value proposals considered based on customers’ needs.

Bantotal Mobile Banking improves communication with customers, establishing new channels of communication.

Why Bantotal Mobile Banking?

  • Fast and simple. It reduces the number of steps for authentication and login control.
  • Secure. It allows setting the security pins.
  • Personal. Users can change the name of every account to identify them better.
  • Updated. It is possible to see the available balance and the latest transactions in the initial screen.
  • Commercial. It provides information about the benefits offered by the different businesses quickly.

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet is an application that can be integrated into the core banking and allows the user to carry out multiple financial operations, use it as a means of payment, and have credit or debit cards digitally on any mobile device.

Why Bantotal Digital Wallet?

  • Secure. It replaces the real card number with an exclusive digital card number; this way, companies cannot store the full card data.
  • Inclusive. It can be used as a tool for financial inclusion.
  • Agile. Conducting financial operations, such as transactions, becomes easier for users.
  • Flexible. It allows you to integrate with any banking system or payment method on a single platform for the end-user from your mobile device.
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