Virtual and Augmented Reality

New Technologies Ecosystem to Revolutionize Work

New technologies are revolutionizing the way we work. Augmented reality and virtual reality take center stage to give a new direction to what you already know.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) adds synthetic information to reality it implies staying in the real world with virtual additions.



Capturing the images users are looking at.



Projecting a mixture of real images with synthesized ones.



Aligning the image of the real world with the virtual world.

Why Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality uses artificial intelligence tools to combine the real world with the virtual one, enabling information and enriching users’ experience.

Main Applications

  • Product promotion and banking promotions.
  • Information retrieval through markings.
  • Security systems for industrial environments.
  • Special discounts at shopping malls, among others.

Features of Augmented Reality

  • It combines reality with synthetic information, virtual objects from the real world.
  • It is interactive in real time.
  • It is highly effective and low-cost.
  • It can be implemented and used in all types of devices.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

  • It can be used for education, achieving more effective training.
  • It encourages interaction and increases acquisition and knowledge levels.
  • It enables the development of skills and competencies.
  • Cross-cutting technology that can be applied in several sectors.

AR Digital Transformation

Increasingly more companies turn to technology tools to strengthen their business or expand in new directions.

Augmented reality creates many opportunities and can transform the way companies approach and communicate with customers completely.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) refers to synthetic sensory experiences generated with a computer that communicates with the user by means of an object. It comprises two elements that exchange information through a barrier called “interface”:

  • Users’ Environment
  • Virtual Environment

When the user applies actions such as movement, force generation and voice, the interface translates them into digital signals, which can be processed and interpreted by the system.

Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality achieves its potential when recommendation techniques are added. They are based on sets of users’ behaviors and profiles; products, services and/or actions such as personalized promotions or investment advisory can be suggested.

  • Virtual reality helmet: It allows users to perceive stereoscopic 3D images and determine the spatial position in the visual environment through movement follow-up sensors.

Features of Virtual Reality

  • Virtual world.
  • Mental and physical immersion.
  • Sensory feedback.
  • Interactivity.

Benefits of Virtual Reality

  • Immersive training
  • Virtual designs
  • Exposure and demonstration of virtual products
  • Professional events
  • Costs saving

VR Digital Transformation

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the corporate world, the consumption of audiovisual contents and the realm of education.

Unlike augmented reality, which starts off a real environment, virtual reality creates an environment that replaces the physical reality completely, whether it is reproducing a real environment or creating a fully digital one.

We Are Your Technology Partner

At Accion Point we believe in our proposal of innovation and application development.

We take a chance on the integration of new technologies and market trends, testing and consolidating a robust solution map in its implementation.

Customer Case: Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys

We were able to successfully develop a 3D application for the Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys (Newell’s Old Boys Athletic Club, CANOB, for its acronym in Spanish) in three months.


The project was born out of the club’s need to have a 3D technology application for the launch of their new jersey.

Final Result

The application allows users to see the jersey in detail, access guiding videos and even simulate taking pictures with players in an animated way.

It is available for Android and iOS, and it has already been downloaded by more than 2,000 people. Its main objective is redirecting to the store to purchase the jersey.

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