Genexus SAP

Speed up innovation for your business

GeneXus for SAP Systems offers a low-code and future-proof agile development platform, helping companies to create native and personalized experiences that benefit from SAP technologies.

Our clients

  • Expand. Expand your processes and business data to a larger audience in your markets and communities.
  • Adapt. Cross data among SAP modules and non-SAP systems to consolidate information and create reliable reports.
  • Integrate. Integrate different systems (SAP, non-SAP, APIs, ERPs and more) in a unique software solution.
  • Analyze. Create new functionalities for your current systems to respond to changes in your business needs.
  • Optimize. Make progress without losing the large investments carried out in your business software systems.

Why GeneXus?

GeneXus low-code platform allows to develop solutions considering the user’s criteria since they know how things must work.

GeneXus is completely automatic and independent, so it offers a very simple maintenance of its apps.

Benefits of GeneXus for SAP

  • Incorporate Machine Learning to your apps
  • Adopt agile processes to create software
  • Natively be part of SAP S/4 HANA® from GeneXus
  • Maximize your application performance using SAP HANA® DB
  • Speed up software implementation
  • Mitigate the risk of technological obsolescence
  • Maximize your apps scope
  • Automatically move to SAP Cloud Platform

Integration with SAP technologies

SAP HANA® In-Memory Database

Take the lead using GeneXus to create apps that benefit from the solid SAP HANA In-Memory database, without worrying about technical aspects of implementation.

SAP FIORI® Design System

GeneXus includes a theme SAP Fiori UX ready to be used which let you create apps according to SAP Fiori design guidelines (SAP Fiori Design System), to substantially reduce time and effort invested when implementing these applications.

What is SAP FIORI®?

SAP Fiori is a set of applications that represents the new user experience paradigm in SAP.

It has a simpler design thanks to its modern interface. It is responsive, simple, coherent with instant value.

Types of applications

Transactional Apps

They give access to transactions in a similar way as in a traditional system. Thus, different processes can be covered in a more agile manner.

Analytical Apps

A quick analysis of the most relevant KPIs within the business activity can be performed as well as the relative business context. These apps are supported by SAP HANA in-memory platform.

Analytical Apps FAQ

These apps offer a 360° view of the object in question, e.g., spot the more relevant indicators of a supplier to carry out an analysis.

Create apps with Machine Learning is possible with Genexus for SAP

A single developer can create native mobile applications for iOS and Android that use the most evolved skills of Machine Learning, with no need of advanced programming knowledge.

  • Mobilize. Take your current systems to your staff and clients devices.
  • Migrate. Move from one platform to the other without losing any data or functionality.
  • Update. Make the transition from old to new technologies while keeping the operations working.

Technologies backed by GeneXus

Mobile Devices



GeneXus is a Software Development platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to create and keep your critical business software automatically, for technologies such as:

Are you ready for the change?

Accion Point has been GeneXus Master Distributor for more than 20 years. We are specialized on marketing, support and maintenance of Low-Code main tool in the market. We are Partner Diamond of GeneXus in the world.

Our integration with SAP is certified. We understand the client needs when talking about integration and solutions, offering greater added value to the business, strengthening technology and bringing support to the user during digital transformation.

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