SmartCode Colombia develops software with the highest level of automation

SmartCode Colombia, devoted to high complexity software development, needed to develop specialized apps in financial core for companies in that industry. With this objective in mind, they decided to use GeneXus low-code platform, since it allows creating, developing and maintaining apps in the most varied devices and digital means automatically.

To make progress in this plan, they chose Accion Point, a technology company that is the master distributor of this platform, to provide them with GeneXus licenses. Regarding this choice, Carlos Rico, SmartCode Colombia’s Technology Manager says: “We chose Accion Point because they have many years of experience working with GeneXus, and also supporting companies like ours. This is very important, since we need rapid response and quality service from the supplier”.

Pure benefits

Although SmartCode Colombia chose to develop software with GeneXus because they are aware of its benefits, Carlos points out that the truth is that, when testing the tool, they discovered it offered more advantages than they had anticipated. Moreover, as the executive said, “the impact has been large and visible”.

When describing GeneXus benefits, the SmartCode expert does not hesitate: “The low-code tool provided us with a modern, dynamic and flexible means to developing technological solutions in a fast and accurate manner thanks to code standardization. Something of significance is its excellent level of abstraction from complexity and from the business flow of the solution it is creating. For example, our software is highly complex and, to us, the platform’s ability to translate the code was decisive because this even helped our analysts understand the business. On the other hand, GeneXus proved to be very efficient even in prototyping jobs.”

When expressing the advantages quantitatively, Carlos is conclusive: “GeneXus’ main impact is that, compared to the traditional tools used for software development, we were able to more than double the speed of deliverables of minimum viable products (MVP), making our development 2.5% faster than with conventional methods. In the same way, documentation and prototyping produced by the tool is much more comprehensive and thorough compared with other options.”

Its level of automation is remarkable. “The greatest impact is that GeneXus generated 100% of the code, leaving the analysts to review only some specific topics related to framework”.

Simultaneously, working with Accion Point as a license supplier was also beneficial for SmartCode Colombia. “We have always received excellent responses to any requirement”, rounds off the executive.

In his opinion, choosing the license supplier is a crucial decision and cannot be left to chance. “It is important to analyze their history and credentials, since the chosen supplier will accompany the business in the long term through every step of the process. It is because all of this that I recommend comparing and evaluating the performance, experience and quality of each one of them, as well as their human teams, so that they can respond to the client’s needs with reactive capacity. Of course, we need to trust them. To us, Accion Point meets all these requirements”, concludes Carlos Rico.

“Accion Point has other differentiating attributes, among which we find their simplicity and the clarity of the information they provide, as well as their support at all times regarding the use of the tool”. Carlos Rico, Technology Manager, SmartCode.

Satisfied with the experience gained using GeneXus, the company expects to move forward in the development of new innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence and data analytics. “In order to create this kind of software, it is very important to rely on tools like GeneXus, which support these technologies”.

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