Accion Point, winner of the Quality Management category of the Sadosky Awards 2020


On Wednesday, 16th of December, and for the first time in a virtual environment, the full list of the award-winning companies for the Sadosky Awards 16th edition was published.

It is granted by the Argentine Software Industry Assosiation (CESSI by its Spanish) to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of those who represent the national IT industry. In this edition, Accion Point, a technology company specialised in the development, configuration and implementation for business solutions based on information technology, was awarded in the category of Quality Management.

“Such a prestigious award given by the CESSI brings us enormous joy. It comes as the result of a planned job, that involves the whole company and which is primarily based on Quality. Quality in management, in internal processes, in the way we deliver to our clients. That is why this award makes us very happy, and we believe that it is the outcome of a project that is common to everyone at Accion Point, based on the Seven Pillars of our Culture, which are completely linked to Quality and the way of doing things.” said Franco Schillagi, Accion Point’s CEO.

This award confirms the importance Accion Point gives to the quality management processes and indicators, which allow keeping the company’s goals. Among these, the surveys to clients —direct contact to receive the largest amount—stand out. In 2019, they experienced changes in the way of expressing the obtained results, increasing thetarget to 70%. On the other side, quality management indicators have various goals: to increase client satisfaction, to certify and mantain the organization’s QMS under ISO 9001:2015 Norms, to generate half-yearly monitored corrective and improvement actions, to reduce deviation in effort and to stem the HR rotation.

This prestigious award is the cherry on the pie to a year of growth and consolidation for this company with 40 years of experience in Argentina, Colombia and USA.
“In such an atypical and difficult year like this one, when we had to be prepared to make agile, focused decisions, rapidly defining where to invest our all of time and resources, we are delighted to have mantained and increased our quality processes, our methodology and our way of measuring ourselves. Our best effort is always put to give a top excellence-related service. This why we see this award as a dual merit. I want to thank all of our clients for their trust; and our partners and our people, because, at the end of the day, we are a team that makes all of this possible.” concluded Schillagi.

Sergio Candelo, President of CESSI, said: “In a year struck by Covid-19, digital transformation was unexpectadely accelerated. Thanks to a joint and collaborative effort, the software industry succeeded in providing solutions within this pandemic environment. We congratulate Accion Point for assuming the commitment to discover new ways in these challenging times, and for being aknowledged by their Quality Management in the latest edition of the Sadosky Awards”.

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