Automation of Tasks and Processes with RPA

Access a digital work force that is always available, thus achieving better information management and customer satisfaction in the short term.


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What is Task Automation?

The robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software bots to automate highly repetitive and routine tasks that are usually performed manually by workers.

Robots Skills and Qualities

  • RPA is a technology that can learn and do administrative tasks, in the same way as a human being does.
  • They can be trained to carry out different processes following a sequence or predetermined steps.
  • They are able to perform different processes following a schedule of specific dates and times.
  • They are ready to interact –with no need to make changes – with the internal and external systems of the company.

Why Automation of Repetitive Tasks?

Time Optimization

Time Optimization

Create, try and implement new automation schemes within hours, rather than days or months.

Reduce Human errors

Reduce Human errors

Virtually eliminate copy-paste errors when the same data is entered in multiple systems.

Higher effective transfer rate

Higher effective transfer rate

Complete automated tasks within seconds or minutes to offer more value to your customers.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Task Automation Tool?


It automates repetitive back office tasks that do not require human criteria (e.g., processing invoices or claims).


It is easy to implement in the appropriate cases of use, and it has a low risk as it replicates already existing manual tasks.


It is not necessary to train employees again or alter existing processes as the tool keeps the setting.


It frees people from routine, repetitive tasks. This leads to greater work satisfaction and increased productivity.


It gives freedom to perform more important tasks, such as problem-solving or adding value to interactions with customers.

#BusinessPartner of IBM

At Accion Point we are part of the IBM program PartnerWorld. It is a premier partners program by IBM that allows us to widen the offer with IBM products, such as the IBM DBA, IBM RPA and IBM Watson suite.

We provide guidance to improve efficiency and the operating costs of business processes through the automation of processes, and we help our customers along the path towards digital transformation, with world-class AI.

“At Accion Point we are sure of our potential and our growth strategy, where one of the pillars is based on this type of associations with world-level players.”

Franco Schillagi, CEO.

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