Develop software solutions automatically and agile

LowCode + IA tool support that helps you to create applications that run on different devices and digital media.

Developer ease

GeneXus is a smart Low-Code tool that aims to assist users throughout the life cycle application. As well as automate what is automatable: data normalization, design generation including maintenance of the database and application programs.

With GeneXus, you can create "Client transaction" and enter the attributes and relevant information of each client.

Thought for…

GeneXus is used by a wide variety of software houses and industries, from small businesses to large corporations or governments, meeting the specific needs of each segment.

Over 30 years in the market, GeneXus offers different alternatives to strengthen your organization, adjusting to your technological and business context.

We are master distributors of the GeneXus suite.

Over 20 years, we specialize in marketing, support, training, and maintenance of the low-Code tool market.

We have the support of Diamond GeneXus partner in the world and more than 400 customers, being the company with the most extensive number of certified employees in the tool.

Suite GeneXus

Workflow – GXflow

Digital Process Automation (DPA)
Simplify, automate and optimize your company’s processes and system development.

  • Draw your business processes.
  • Automate and integrate systems.
  • Control and Manage your business processes.
  • Detect opportunities for improvement and repeat the process.

Reporting – GXquery

Reporting tool

  • Link your databases to GeneXus™ Query and specify queries through a web interface.
  • Create different types of customized reports, in several formats, in a simple and intuitive manner.
  • Access your reports from any location at all times and don’t delay your decisions.

Portal Building – GXportal

GXportal is a powerful, low-cost web tool that enables you to design, develop and host professional websites. No programming, database or server knowledge is required.

GeneXus Server

Speed up your software development with GeneXus™ Server. Version management and automated knowledge integration, with the whole solution on the server.


Catch bugs earlier and reduce cycle times by running tests automatically in your pipeline, achieving CI/CD. GXtest allows you to easily test different components of your app from batch processes to user interfaces.

GeneXus has been integrated successfully with:

Develop integrated and simple maintenance applications in the external systems (ESRI, JD Edwards, ORACLE, SAP) and legacy systems (Cobol, Visual FoxPro, Progress, RPG, 4GL); allowing them to create new functionalities, adapt their systems, and increase information from different platforms.


About Accion Point

We are specialists in the development, configuration, and implementation of business solutions based on technology information. We provide consulting services, system software development, testing and maintenance of applications, and developments in Java, .Net.
We are the exclusive representatives of GeneXus (low code multiplatform development tool) in Argentina, Colombia, and the USA. We promote Co-innovation processes for the GeneXus community, helping the growth of our customers and the business ecosystem.