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Bantotal is the leading solution in Latin America that solves the mission-critical operation of Financial Institutions in a simple, complete and precise way.

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Digital Channels

Bantotal Digital Channels is a new 360° view of customer service through a banking software that transforms the way people interact with their banks.

Why Digital Channels?

  • Be different. It offers its clients a unique customized platform to access and manage their products and services within an environment managed by the financial entity.
  • Easy-to-use. Financial processes and transactions can be carried out from any device with internet connection.
  • Availability Business available 24/7 for your clients resulting in the scalability of the sales of your products and services.
  • Integration. The different management and support systems of your financial entity can be integrated to back up your Digital Channels platform and to offer strength and safety to your products and services./li>

Digital Banking

Digitalization makes the relationship with clients easy and agile and the user’s experience more enjoyable with the well-known Home Banking (individuals/companies).

Technological innovations have affected our whole lives. Through different digital channels, the client can choose how to perform the daily operations, with the transparency required for this type of banking transactions.

Mobile Banking

Bantotal Mobile Banking is the banking software that reduces operative costs in the bank branches through value proposals based on client needs.

Bantotal Mobile Banking improves communication with your clients, establishing new communication channels.

Why Bantotal Mobile Banking?

  • Quick and simple. Minimize the authentication steps and login controls.
  • Safe. Allow configuration of PIN security.
  • Personal. Users can change the name of each account for better identification.
  • Updated. Visualize available balance and last transactions in the first screen.
  • Marketing. Provide quick information about benefits offered by different stores.

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet is an app that can be integrated with Core banking. Users can make multiple financial operations, such as using it as a payment method and having credit and debit cards digitally in any mobile device.

Why Bantotal Digital Wallet?

  • Safe. Replace the actual card number with an exclusive digital number. Thus, complete card data cannot be stored by companies.
  • Agile. Enable users to make financial operations, such as transactions.
  • Inclusive. Enable clients to use it as an inclusive financial tool.
  • Flexible. Enable final user to integrate it with any banking system or payment method in a single platform from the mobile device.

Why choosing Bantotal?

Tested Solution

Tested Solution

In more than 60 Financial Institutions, in 14 countries.



Functional and technological flexibility (multi-platform).



Ensure scalability upon market growth.

Why is Bantotal different?

Bantotal is a banking platform focused on the clients. Their expectations must be considered to latter identify the necessary elements to satisfy them in a cost-effective way.

Integral processing of the whole activity of a Financial Institution, minimizing the quantity of interfaces and reducing the quantity of suppliers to be managed.

Just one data and multiple visions, avoiding settlements between product inventory and accounting.

Online information available in real time, including accounting.

A guarantee in case of regulatory changes, under required regulations of any Regulatory Body.

Speed up “Time-to-market”, by means of a highly customizable solution.

Reduction of operational cost, automating a very high percentage of the operative requirements of a Financial Institution, and comprehensively eliminating the costs of integration controls.

Accion Point is exclusive representative of Bantotal

We are absolute leaders in Core Banking implementation in the region, being very well recognized and included within the Gartner Group Magic Quadrant, as one of the global best implementers.

Why do the main financial companies choose us?

  • We carry out the change impact analysis according to the requirements.
  • We identify needs, requirements, restrictions and specific characteristics of the problem domain.
  • We document, analyze, shape, classify, manage and comply with the requirements.
  • We identify the requirement sources.
  • We validate the requirements shaped with the clients, users and team members.
  • We carry out technical revisions about Specification of Software Requirements and other products.
  • We monitor the programming and software tests.
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