Banking software that solves critical operations.

The core banking system has been implemented in the main financial institutions in Latin

Bantotal, Financial Institutions Software

Bantotal is Latin America's leading solution that solves critical operations of the
Financial Institutions in a simple, complete and precise way.
In the Age of Digital Transformation, the business context leads to an increase in the
number of solutions available for the demands of the consumers. Including the
possibilities of their personalization and the speed that are refreshed.

Why choose Bantotal Core?

Exclusive representatives of Bantotal

We have more than 40 years of experience and 19 successful implementations of Core Banking in the region that support us.

We are absolute leaders in the implementation of Core Banking in the region, being recognized and presented in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner Group, as one of the best implementers in the world.

Banking and regulated Financial Entities.

Core Banking Systems play a key role, then Banks and Financial Institutions can capture
the existing innovation, incorporate it with high velocity, reaching as many people as
possible, maintaining a high degree of security. It incorporates best practices,
streamlining banking processes, and adapting the business in the Era of Digital

What differentiates Bantotal?

Information Integrity

One single data and multiple views, avoiding the need for reconciling the product inventory and accounting.

Security when facing regulatory changes

Security when facing regulatory changes, supporting the regulations required by the various Regulatory Bodies.

Accelerates the “Time-to-Market”

Accelerates the “Time-to-Market”, through a highly parametric solution.

Reduced Operating Cost

Reduced Operating Cost, automating a very high percentage of the operating requirements of a Financial Institution, and in an integrated manner, eliminating the costs of integration controls.

Mobile Banking

In the Era of Digital Transformation, Mobile Banking improves communication with customers. It creates new interaction tools channels for users, enabling them to reduce operating costs in the offices.

Features and functionalities

Authentication and simple log-in controls.

It allows you to configure so that the application does not require the PIN on each connection.

Show the latest events about bank accounts.

It provides quick information about the benefits of different businesses.

Digital Wallet

It is a modern method of carrying credit or debit cards digitally on any mobile device. It is safe as it replaces the real card number with a digital number. The virtual wallet not only serves to facilitate and expedite transactions but can also be a financial inclusion tool.

Digital Channels

They are a 360° opportunity of customer service where they can carry out their financial processes and transactions only with an internet connection, a username, and a password to enter the transactional services.


About Accion Point

We are specialists in the development, configuration, and implementation of business solutions based on technology information. We provide consulting services, system software development, testing and maintenance of applications, and developments in Java, .Net.
We are exclusive representatives of BANTOTAL, banking software solutions that streamline the processes of the leading financial institutions in Latin America.
We concentrate on the core Core Banking and modules for different applications that make up this powerful software.